How to be the perfect lover (for women)

Workshop for women to teach techniques that can stimulate sexual creativity.

The subjects offered are:
• The qualities and characteristics of the perfect lover.
• The key to male pleasure .
• Practices sensuality.
• What those men.
• The 4 Pillars of the lover.
• Why were you born woman.
• What women need men


Opportunity for women who want to learn new techniques to boost your sexual creativity. This is done based on a tantric vision, where the body is considered as sacred to be harmonized with emotions.

These lessons allow multiply and properly channel the erotic energy that helps to rejuvenate the audience inside and out. Also you can learn innovative techniques for relationship and thus increase the pleasure thanks to the union of mind , body and heart.

Tuiton here , The course have 2 months , 1 class per week is taken every 2 weeks virtual sessions are live to reaffirm guide new knowledge and skills.

Classes and workshops are online .

The guides are from india, united states , mexico and brazil .

Was requested to fill out an online guide that serves introducion and learning path.

Enroll for just 200 usd

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